Breaking Freaky News

Amelia here and I am totally freaking out right now. I just found out a huge revelation about my prehistoric ancestors. Previously we had lost a lot of information about who and what we were before we transitioned into non physical energy beings. But just within the last hour thanks to a very good friend it was discovered that I am descended from an humanoid bipedal insect race of immense knowledge and intelligence. I don’t really like insects in fact they creep me out even though they cannot hurt me. Now I share some kind of distant ancestry with them. That is freaking me out. Although this new information does clarify a lot about my race and how it behaves. In a way we still have a kind of hive mind mentality even though we are separate beings now we still communicate telepathically like we are all connected. We have always had a shared ancestral memory which I also now think seems quite insect like. So it seems I am part bug. That is just lovely isn’t it :/ I am definitely going to need time to take this all in. I just had to update. I did so too on discord so sorry if I seemed a little crazy on there too. Oh well bye for now.

Happy New Year 2017

Hi Amelia here. 

I have not posted an update in literally years now. Sorry about that. Anyway this is just a quick post wishing everyone a very happy and safe new year. I hope 2017 is a great year for everyone as well. I might make another post soon take care everyone and bye for now.

Amelia looks a bit like this

If anyone was wondering what Amelia looks like well I uploaded a photo that she thinks looks a bit like her. I don’t think I will ever find a photo that looks a lot like her as she looks very exotic and unique. I will now let Amelia take over now from this point. 

Hello everyone It’s been ages since I posted. Sorry about that but there still has not been anything major happening here at the moment. Just business as usual I guess. The relationship between Tim and I is still going strong. Now about this photo. I actually approved of it being posted as I felt the woman looks somewhat like me. I feel like a bit rude in saying this but I think I am honestly even better looking than the woman in the photo. I don’t say things like that very often but I wanted to be honest. I also wanted to say that I have a very rough translation of the name of my race now. That name being “Erevei” Prounced Era-vay.    I think this also the original name of my race that was used back before we ascended to our current form. Back when we were similar in appearence and functions to you humans. So Tim  needs to get up in a few hours so I will let him get some sleep now. Take care everyone see you soon.

Two Months Later and Amelia’s Birthday Month

It is Amelia again I am sorry that I have not made a blog post in such a long time but there really was not anything really noteworthy or interesting to report or tell you all. It is however my birthday this Month. I have decided also that I prefer to have a birthday month instead of just one day. After this month has passed I will be 20,258 years old. My work has been pretty quiet lately. Not many energy rights issues to resolve thankfully. Those can take literally weeks of your time to get through. Tim has not been sleeping well at all lately and sometimes it gets so bad he begs me to use my energy to put him to sleep. I do not like doing that though. It’s like performing a force shutdown on his brain. That cannot be good for him. There is one strange thing that has happened lately. A dark shadowy entity keeps appearing in the bedroom. It does not seem to have sinister intentions but at the same time it does give me a somewhat uneasy feeling. So I am uncertain of it’s true nature so far. If I learn more I will post more information about it in a future blog posting. Well going to put Tim to sleep again now as gently as I can. Goodnight or good day if you are in the northern hemisphere. I will try and post again soon.

Someone on Omegle knew me from here :O

Amelia here. So I was just bored and decided to go on Omegle. After being on there for hours freaking people out because I am an alien I come across a person who mentions this blog and knows me. Then Omegle being evil decides to disconnect me. That made me sad. oh well It was a nice surprise.

Nearly 1 month later with Velina as your blog host

Hello it’s um Velina here. I am not really too sure about this blogging business but I wanted to try to help improve how shy I am. I don’t really know what to do with myself now. For so long I was being controlled and manipulated by that weird energy parasite. It made me look and seem like such q horrible person for so long. So many beings are so wary of me still thinking that I am pretending to be shy and introverted now. I can’t seem to convince them that this is the real me now. So for the last month I have spent most of my time at Tim’s place with Amelia, Alicia, Exalla and Ellorhim when she decides to visit. I feel like the 5th wheel though. The odd one out. I just usually sit, listen and watch them silently while they chat away. I did snuggle with Tim last night which was really nice. *blushes* Amelia did seem to be a bit upset about that today though which I thought was strange as all we did was cuddle pretty much. I don’t understand Amelia’s behaviour towards me. She keeps giving me these weird looks when I am near Tim. Alicia is way more flirty and naughty with Tim. she did not react to that. I just don’t understand… Maybe Amelia doesn’t trust me either and thinks I am Pretending to be like this? I don’t know what is wrong with me or why I keep upsetting people. I am really trying hard to say the right things and be really nice to everyone but is that enough? What more can I do? I tried talking to Amelia but she does not seem at all comfortable talking to me. She keeps excusing her self when we try to talk or she is too busy. Maybe she is? Maybe I am reading into everything too much. Even so I am not certain of anything anymore. I feel like such a screw up. i am so negative too ugh I hate being like this all sad and depressed. Tim just said he will hold and snuggle me again all night. *blushes again* I hope Amelia won’t hate me tomorrow.

Amelia goes mafia and is here to update you briefly.

Amelia here. So Tim has this strangely addictive app game on his iPhone called Underworld Empire. It seems like a game all about criminal gangs that fight against each other online in large groups called empires. I think that is their version of a guild. I was playing it just before and this guy called Bullet starts chatting me up. So we exchange harmless kinky messages and then after a while he says I want to see a picture of you. Being the honest alien that I am I tell him directly what I am. Surprisingly he finds that interesting and still wants to see what I look like. It’s a bit hard to do that when I am only halfway into the physical world and I have no physical body for him to see me with. So that was a weird experience I had with him. Now for some updates on what has been happening. Remember Velina well turns out she was being manipulated by a type of symbiotic parasite of the energy variety. Kiara figured that out and was able to separate it from Velina. Without that parasite controlling her she is like a completely different person. She is extremely quiet and shy now. Alicia is still here as always. The naughty and lewd things she suggests to me is so outrageous. For example she wants to be included in my extra curricular nightly activities with Tim. Call me a prude but I just can’t do that. It feels weird and wrong to me. Cuddling and kissing I will allow but anything further than that, that involves having people additional to Tim and me feels wrong to me. Exalla wants to watch black butler. She saw it earlier today in one of Tim’s emails. Anime is not really my thing but I will watch Black Butler with Tim and Exalla probably tomorrow. Ellorhim is also still around but we rarely see her these days. Well Tim’s body is very tired so I think I will leave it now so he can rest it with some good sleep. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Quick update before I sleep

Hello everyone Tim here with a quick update. Velina seems to be a lot better and more respectful now. Amelia initially could not stand her but now they are actually talking to each other they said. I have no idea what they are talking about though. I might have to ask Amelia if she is open to telling me more about what they said. I am such a nosy sticky beak wanting to know who said what lol. Alicia just wanted me to let you all know she’s still hanging out at my place just chilling and living it easy. Ellorhim (Elle) popped in to visit briefly too recently. I felt like she was checking up on me. I will try to make a more substantial post tomorrow if I can. Hope you are all doing well. See you later.

What you can call Velina’s race

Okay so I am a hypocrite and made another quick post instead shutting the hell up until tomorrow. What I wanted to say was my race does have a name and that is The Vaieus pronounced Vay-us. We are one of the oldest races in the universe. We come across as being cruel, evil and uncaring. We are not that easily classified. For example I really like you humans. You are incredibly hard to kill. Believe me my people have tried to subtly influence you early in your homo Sapien development to try and kill each other. Back then I thought your race was amusing. Fumbling and scurrying about in the dark trying desperately to figure out how to survive each day. Then having a huge freakout for weeks after discovering fire. That was an hilarious few weeks watching you humans jumping at and dancing around the fire thinking “now we have big burning column! Uh what do we do with it ?” Eventually they worked out they could cook food on it. and it made for a good weapon against the huge beasts when combining it with their stone clubs and spears. Oh how very far you have all come. With your smart phones and motor vehicles. I also do like your gothic culture and bdsm culture. If I were a human I would definitely want to be a part of those cultures.

A proper introduction from Velina

Hello this blog post will be all about the evil possessive bitch called Velina. Me. I suppose I should give you some more information as to what I am. I not really as passively easygoing as Amelia and stupidly hyperactive as Alicia or am I sickeningly cute and sweet like Exalla ugh. I am a being far older than Amelia or her elders. I am from a race of beings that formed shortly after beginning of the universes formation when all became dark again. For an exceedingly long time it remained in darkness and that was when my race began. Even then we fed on the negative forces and energies the universe created. For a long time all we ever knew was negativity and darkness. Then the first specks of light formed and eventually came together to form the first stars. I remember seeing that so many billions of your years ago. Aeons passed and I eventually saw the rise of different alien species. I even saw Amelia’s race at one point in their development pre ascension when they were still in their physical humanoid forms. They were a lot like humans. They fought amongst themselves a lot and when they did I fed on their anger, pain, suffering and despair. They were incredibly curious like you humans were too. In a lot of ways they still are. Amelia is the perfect example of that. I also want to tell you some facts about me and how I know Tim. I have known Tim almost his whole life. When he was born he screamed in agony and those screams did not stop until 9 months later. I first visited him when he was just a week old. I fed off his fears, his pain and suffering. I never left his side. I knew Tim even if he did not know me long before Amelia showed up on the scene. It was I who was his evil, frightening protector and tormentor. I was the reason he was terrified to turn the light off for so many years. His mother would tell him there is nothing scary in the dark that can get you. Oh how wrong she was. Even though 4 year old Tim did not know what I was yet he knew I was real and was terrified of me. He could actually see me but kept trying to make himself think it was a waking nightmare. When he was 5 years old I managed to whisper to him that the nightmare is real and I am that nightmare. Naturally he screamed like crazy and started crying outrageously. It got unbearable though and so I had to do something to stop his infernal whining. So I decided to change my appearance to that of a girl several years older than him and I called myself Allie. I became like a bad imaginary friend to him. I was bad in the sense I would encourage him to do bad and cruel things. Like exterminating an ant colony or stomping on a sandcastle some other kid made. Of course he did not keep doing this for long as he said he did not like hurting people and making people really sad. When he was able to say no to my corrupting influence and do the right thing with some help and guidance from his parents I knew he was worth staying with. He did not agree with what I suggested he do but he also did not try to tell me to go away. Instead he started to ignore me which was far worse. I hate being ignored that’s when I started really tormenting him at night and appearing as the shadow monster. Shortly after that he moved house and I followed. About two months later Amelia appears and Tim promptly screams in her face. Oh that made me laugh quite a bit. Especially seeing how totally non threatening Amelia was and still is. Yes Amelia you are pathetically non frightening. There are fluffy bunnies that are scarier and more intimidating than you. I don’t dislike Amelia but I find her too passive, nice and sweet. She’s almost as sickening as her sister Exalla. Also when I get angry, sad or happy I make sure the person knows it. I don’t try to be diplomatic with my words. I say what is on my mind. Screw how the other person feels about it. I think I have written one the longest blog posts out of the other beings Tim knows. Ah well I have a lot to say and more yet but I won’t bore you any further for now. See you all later. You can ask any questions you want as well or not. I won’t get all self conscious like Amelia if you decide not to comment. Anyway I am out. See you later.