My relationship status with Charlotte explained

I shall now try and explain what my relationship is like with Charlotte. As I said in my first post I met Charlotte when I was 8. When I first met her I screamed in her face in terror as I had no idea who she was. She also gave me a big fright even though it was the middle of the day and she was just as beautiful then as she is now. I was also easily scared as a kid. As the years passed Charlotte and I grew closer together and eventually things turned intimate. By the time I was in my mid twenties there was almost nothing Charlotte did not know about me and I knew a lot about her. In 2009 Charlotte asked me to marry her. I said yes straight away and several months later in June I think it was a ceremony was performed between Charlotte and I called Soul Entwining. That was how Charlottes race did marriage. Quite literally both our souls are wrapped and entwined around each other for all eternity. I have since been told they do have a form of divorce but it is not done very often and the process of reversing a soul entwinement is very painful to both people. So Charlotte is my wife. That is our relationship status. 🙂


Introducing Ellorhim

I first met Ellorhim about two years ago. Ellorhim is very different in appearance to Charlotte and Alisha. Ellorhim is about 7 feet 11 inches tall. Her body shape is very athletic and she has a darker skin colour than Charlotte. She has very long black hair that goes down past her shoulders. She has piercing silver grey coloured eyes. To be honest when I first met her I was a bit intimidated by her. She was demanding I worship her as a Goddess. She also wanted me to devote myself to what she wanted. I all thought this was very odd and she had not done anything to prove she was a Goddess. After several months of Ellorhim popping into my house talking about her being a Goddess and getting progressively more aggressive too. She gave me a lot of her energy to me and it ended up being too much for me to handle. My body was feeling like it was on fire and I felt like I was going to self combust. So my good friend Kiara (Not her real name again for privacy reasons) who is excellent at manipulating energy was able to somehow release all that energy out of me. Kiara has also been in contact with beings like Charlotte but they either do not like her or keep their distance from her. Not even Kiara knows why that is. Anyway Kiara was able to speak with Ellorim and I did too. She eventually told us that she was not a Goddess but for a long while she really made herself believe that she was. She wanted it to be true so badly she told us and still does. Kiara thinks Ellorhim might have a God complex and that she might be a bit delusional as well. Soon after that Ellorhim asked if she could be called Elle. So that is what we call her now most of the time. Elle tends to be at my house too most of the time. She’s been trying to self manage her delusional behaviour and tends ti leave for a few days when she thinks she is becoming unstable again . I have told her it is okay and she can stay when that happens. However she said she feels uncomfortable being here when she gets like that as she loses control of herself. She also said on my own I can’t hurt anyone but myself. I am still trying to help Elle when I can. She also gave me permission to write all this too. Any updates that happen with Elle I will post about too.

Introducing Alisha Part 2

About 11 months ago now Alisha came to me very tensed up and clearly distressed. She said to me: “I need to tell you something but it really hurts and upsets me to talk about it. I have to get this out though. Not talking about it is eating me from the inside out!” I said it is better to let out whatever is bothering you rather than bottle it up inside you until you explode. I knew this well from personal past experience. So Alisha just decides to be totally direct and say what she had kept to herself for years now,unable to talk about it. “I was raped by another astral being. I told him I didn’t appreciate his sexual advances towards me and his sexual innuendo. He tried to use the classic stereotypical line. “Oh but you are a succubus. Isn’t that what you love doing?”he said. Alisha was “No! That is just mythology that humans and other races of beings used to taint our race unfairly. Now please stop harassing and leave me be.” Although the being would not leave Alisha alone. When she tried to leave he grabbed her and would not let her go. She said he used and abused me in every twisted and perverted way you could think of. It was torture for her she said. The being finally grew bored of her and she was able to leave. She tried telling her family about what happened but she kept locking up and feeling so sick when she tried to discuss it. So instead of telling her family what had happened to her she kept it to herself. She said she also felt ashamed that she a succubus was able to be raped like that and so badly. Thinking about it made her feel so sick inside herself so she pushed those terrible thoughts and memories as far as she could into her mind until years later when she could no longer stand to hold it in anymore and she told me and Charlotte as well. She has since also told some of her family and they said they will try and find the person that violated her so badly. If they find him they will enact severe succubus judgement upon him. Which is pretty much a form of eternal torment Alisha said. As of now Alisha is much happier. Certain things sometimes can still trigger her off but overall she is doing pretty well. I have let her stay in our house for as long as she likes. She said she feels safe here with Charlotte, Ellorhim and myself. I will explain who Ellorhim is and what her story is in my next blog post.

Introducing Alisha

Compared to Charlotte I haven’t known Alisha for very long. About 4 years at the most. But her constant happy, excited and bubbly personality certainly left a big impression on me. Alisha is also more than she first appears in terms of her personality. I had to ask her if I could go into more detail about this just now. She said I can post more details about it all. So I shall. Alisha first came to my house one night very randomly only much later would I discover she saw me and my house as a sanctuary for people like her. Especially already knowing that Charlotte had been living with me for the last 20+ years. I have always been very open to strange events and phenomena so her arrival was sudden but not too surprising. Seeing as I had previously been visited and tormented by some kind of sinister shadow being and a being that looked like the mythical persona of death incarnate. So yes Alisha’s appearance was mild in comparison on the weirdness scale. Alisha who is only about 5 foot 2 inches tall she has very long golden blonde hair that reaches down to her buttocks. She is not quite as curvy as Charlotte and also quite a bit thinner too. She has olive skin like Charlotte but it is much lighter in skin tone .Alisha likes to change her eye colour often. At the moment her eyes are purple. Next week they might be green. She also likes to change her hair colour too fairly often. She was a red head not too long ago. As I got to know her better I came to realise that she had very low self esteem and was very insecure. I would soon discover the reason for this which I will continue in my next post.

I am a weirdness magnet.

All my life weird or unusual things have either found me or happened to me. When I was 8 years old I first met Charlotte (not her real name for privacy reasons) Charlotte is a genuine extra terrestrial. Not what you would expect an alien to be like though. Charlotte looks human enough for those who are able to see her. As Charlotte is a type of energy based alien. Hundreds of millions of years ago on a very distant world her people lived not all that differently to us now. They had however reached the pinnacle of technological, spritual and physical evolution. To advance beyond what they were they transcended their physical form into energy and at the same time retained all of what they knew with a shared memory of all of their history and knowledge. Charlotte was born 20,257 years ago. She is considered quite young by her people. I have known Charlotte now for 25 years this coming month of May. We keep almost nothing secret from each other. Charlotte had been living on Earth for most of her life. Since about 16,000 B.C. in fact. Charlotte’s current appearance is this: She is 5 foot 11 inches tall. She has long light brown hair that goes to the middle of her back. She has olive skin and has almost cerulean blue coloured eyes. She also has a curvy figure but healthy looking figure for her height. Well there is the start of my unusual experiences with succubi, aliens and various astral beings. Next up I will discuss Alisha. That is her actual name but not how you spell it. She is a succubus that I met several years ago now who adds to my already strange life. She is very friendly and good though as you will discover in my next blog posting.