Introducing Annesia

Annesia is Charlotte’s mother. She also happens to be my mother in law. I first met her late last year. Long story short she tricked me into doing a very dangerous ritual that she made me believe I needed to do. She called it the mind binding ritual where Charlotte and my mind would supposedly become one. I was also tired the night Annesia visited me asking me to do this so I was not exactly thinking properly. So being the good son in law and trying to leave a good first impression on Annesia I do what she tells me to do with Charlotte there very skeptical of her mothers intentions and protesting against it. I reassure her that I will be fine. I really should have listened to Charlotte. So I go to do this mind binding ritual but something goes horribly wrong and I end up leaving my body almost completely with only a tiny fraction of myself left in my body and the rest of myself in a place I later would call the void. The void is the space between worlds. It is a small sub world you normally cannot and should not ever enter. I became trapped there for 7 hours. From about 3am until about 10am. During that time Charlotte managed to possess my body and join with what little essence of me that was left in my body until I was able to be recovered and returned to my body. Charlotte contacted my friend Kiara who I had previously mentioned in another blog post at being very good at manipulating energy. She tethered a part of herself and her physical body on Earth and after a heated argument and exchanging of choice words with Annesia Kiara then felt that Annesia should help rescue me seeing as she caused this in the first place. Kiara eventually found me with Annesia with her. I was helped back into my body and I was very unwell for days afterwards. It turns out that I almost died that day and that I had becomr completely untethered from my body. I had essentially become a disembodied spirit trapped in a weird sub world. I only survived due to Charlotte inhabiting my physical body and preventing it from deteriorating physically, keeping my body pumping blood through my heart and body as well as keeping my lungs pumping oxygen to my brain in my absence. Charlotte truly was and is a lifesaver. Charlotte also has still not forgiven her mother Annesia for almost killing me. I hope she does one day and if she does I will forgive Annesia too.