About Charlottes Famlily

Charlotte has a rather large family. I really do not know much about them so Charlotte will now tell us more about them. I am going to write what she has said to me now word for word below.

Charlotte: Hello everyone who might read this. I would blog this myself but it uses too much energy to physically do it so Tim is my hands but what he writes here is what I am telling him at the time this was typed. So anyway about my family… I am not sure but I think my family is dysfunctional. My mum is a real pain to deal with and a major drama queen but she’s the only mum I have so I tolerate her although I am rather upset with her still with what she did to my Timfy late last year. My youngest sister who is about 14,000 years old is called Exalla. She recently discovered Japanese anime tv shows. So now she’s gone mad on that and loves watching anything anime when she is over at Tim’s place to visit. My oldest sister is Caraelia. She is about 35,897 years old.Even though she is the eldest in some ways she is much more immature than I am. She is also very snobby and tends to think she is so perfect. I think I am better looking than her though. 🙂 Next up is Valian who is my older brother. He is about 38,467 years old. He is a major flirt with both physical and energy beings. He is very extroverted and like my sister thinks he is perfect. He does look good though. The appearance he has taken is very attractive. So I don’t find it hard to believe that he can seduce people that easily which he does frequently. I suppose he is really only a step away from seeming sleazy. Next up is my second older sister Vilania. She is about 28,996 years old. I honestly do not know Vilania that well myself. She’s always kept to herself a lot and she is a very serious person. She’s definitely not a people person and prefers to be alone a lot or in nature.I literally have not seen her in thousands of years. Next is my little brother Gharsen. He is about 18,247 years old. He is so shy and sweet. I love giving him sisterly hugs and he gets all embarrassed. I feel I am most close to Gharsen and Exalla and they have always been close to me. Gharsen is interested in humans like Exalla and me but he’s timid around them too. He is worried he might say or do the wrong thing around them or shock horror accidentally scare them . He is so self conscious of so many things. That is why I sent him to stay with Tim’s female friend who is a human. He seems to be doing okay with her so far. Then their is my father Vardis… My father I would say is strange. He randomly visits me every few hundred years. Mum and him are what you on Earth call separated. We do have our own form of divorce here but it is even worse to go through than the human one so my parents opted to just separate when I was about 10,000 years old. About 10,000 years ago now. My dad is really easygoing and I could talk to him about anything if he stuck around long enough…ugh. Dad doesn’t like being tied down and loves travelling. Taking responsibility for his children is something he has always had difficulty doing. I think to him we hold him back from the things he wants to do. I love my dad and I know he loves me in his own weird way but not being committed to us as a father is what never sat well with me. Finally there is me. I am a total weirdo because I want to be human so badly but I can’t. I also chose to stay here after the rest of my family left. They didn’t understand why I love it here on earth so much. I fell in love with your planet soon after I arrived on it about 16,000 years ago. Thousands of years later I met Tim and I eventually fell in love with him. I feel more like a human than a energy based alien. I just lack a physical body like what you all have.

Me: Well not sure if I mentioned it before but my first name is Tim. Well there you go a huge post all about Charlotte’s family. Charlotte and I shall type up some more soon.


Feeling much better now

Just a quick post to say I am pretty certain I have gotten over the horrible flu I had. I will be posting again in a couple of hours about Charlotte’s family. I am going to have her explain things that not even I have learned yet as I type the blog posting. So as you are learning more about Charlotte’s family so will I too at the same time.

Been really sick again and still am.

This post will be a bit different and shorter but it will still contain Charlotte briefly. Well I thought I was over my flu but it turns out that is not so and it appears to be getting worse. I am going to make an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow and also see if I can get some antibiotics. Charlotte has been incredibly supportive of me while I have been sick. Trying to help me from an energy level standpoint. Unfortunately this is mostly physical sickness. I am terrified that I will be given the flu shot though. I am of that small population that gets a terribly violent allergic reaction to the flu shot. Last time I had the flu shot it almost killed me. I hope everyone else is doing well.