Kiara is at my house staying with me

Kiara who is a great friend of mine from the USA has travelled to where I am in Australia to stay with me for 10 days. So far she has been here for 2 of those 10 days. She is sleeping in the room next to mine as I type this. Kiara has the amazing ability to control and manipulate many and different types of energy. She also said to me today my land holds a large energy well that part of my house is situated over. She thinks that might be the reason why so many otherworldly beings are drawn to my house. Tomorrow she is going to do energy work with me too.


Things are starting to get complicated.

Well complicated and interesting. First off I need to mention I am single at least when it comes to human relationships. Charlotte is totally fine and continually encourages me to find a human girlfriend and wife on one condition. That the woman I date eventually know about Charlotte and if possible that they meet and talk. You would think that most women would be freaked out by that but I found a human woman who is extraordinary and is open to all that which totally blew me away. I first met this woman online over a year ago and we really hit it off. Somewhere along the way she left the dating site we were chatting on and I accidentally lost the email she left me to contact her after an app update wiped the chats we had. So from then on I lost contact with her. Fast forward to about one month ago now and she managed to find me again on another dating site I was on. Again we hit it off together amazingly and just today I told her about Charlotte and what our relationship is. She replied saying she will accept charlotte and include her. This all seems too good to be true. Maybe it is. I guess I will just have to take one day at a time and wait and see what happens.