Alisha’s being a blog hogger.

I was going to make this post tomorrow but Alisha is super anxious/excited to say what she wants to say so I will just let her. Below I will be dictating what she says word for word pretty much unedited. So here we go:

Alisha: Hi guys and girls/ladies I hope you are all doing well and having fun. Soooo I totally moved in permanently into Tim’s house kind of without asking him. He seems okay with that. I also really think Charlottes fetish for humanity and humans in general is either very contagious or it’s really rubbing off on me. I mean that totally in a good way. I’ve been getting into your dance and singing reality shows in a big way. Like The Voice, You think you can dance and Australia’s got talent for example. I wish I could go on Australia’s got talent. I could totally perform a really sexy dance that would definitely get votes from people. Oh and I think “totally” is a word I use way too often. I also would love it if everyone could see me as well as humans see each other but I would want them to be able to see me every day, all the time. Unlike Charlotte though I don’t care if I don’t look solid and alive. Seeing me is enough for me. If they can hear me yapping away like a really hyperactive foxy terrier then that’s a bonus 😀 I also want to do other things to you humans on a massive scale but I am not sure if I can say that here as what i want to do is very naughty XD Anyway… Tim is starting to fall asleep on me. How dare he. (is totally pouting) Still i keep forgetting how much sleep/rest humans need so I have to go now. See you all soon. Bye bye for now. Mwah!

Me: Yep Alisha is in a great and energetic mood. Unfortunately I am not. So I am going to try and sleep now. Take care everyone be back tomorrow. Goodnight from Australia.


Alisha is here to stay now…24/7

Yes indeed and now she walks around the house like she owns it. Previously my parents did not see, hear or even sense her presence but just yesterday dad heard her snooping through the cupboards while thinking out loud. Dad was like “Who the hell is the kitchen I can hear someone going through the cupboards. Go and check it out will you he asked me so I take a look and Alisha looks at me disappointed and says I’m bored and I totally want to eat the food you have in the cupboard but I can’t. It sucks so much. I tell her why don’t you watch a movie with us and she’s like okay nodding her head at me hyperactively. I go back to my dad and I really wanted to tell him it was Alisha who is now sitting on the sofa between me and my dad but last time I tried that he refused to believe me and got creeped out. It’s only a matter of time now before he starts seeing Alisha. He can already sense her partially and heard her in the kitchen. Alisha is totally leaning her head over my shoulder right now looking down at what I am typing. She said she wants to be a total blog hog this week and be allowed another post where I can directly dictate what she wants to say to all who read it. Whatever she wants to say it should be interesting.

Charlotte has a job

I don ‘t know if I mentioned this previously but Charlotte actually has a casual job position which she can be called to work at any time. This is the only time Charlotte is distant with me is when she is doing her job mediating and negotiating with other beings in other realms/planes. It usually has to do with energy use rights and land rights/disputes. Sometimes she can be gone for weeks at a time doing that. If i get really worried not hearing from her for a long time she allows me to contact her even if she is in the middle of negotiating or mediating with someone over a very important issue. For Charlotte no matter how busy she is she still leaves room for me to contact her if I ever start getting distressed after not hearing from her in many weeks. Alisha has also made it her mission to live at my house 24/7 now. She never leaves the house now as far as I can tell and loves watching tv shows and movies with my parents who appear completely oblivious to her presence regardless of the fact she sits right next to my dad. Next post will be a little update on Alisha.

Kiara is my hero

Okay today was a full on day. I took Kiara who is staying with me still to an Aboriginal cultural centre in my city which we were both very excited to visit and learn all about. So we get there all is great and we get our own Aboriginal guide who I will call Alan who was a really nice guy and really interesting telling us all about his peoples history, ways and beliefs. Anyway about 40 minutes into our 1 hour session I start feeling physically sick in my stomach then very nauseous. Then I hear this white noise in my ears. I tell Kiara this and try to sit down as everything is starting to fade and go all blurry at this point. Then everything goes black and when I come to Kiara has me lying on the ground and is giving me juice to drink. She said She caught and then carried me when I fainted. I must say now I am a pretty big guy. I am over 6 foot tall and weigh at least 110 kilograms. Kiara on the other hand is only 5’3 at the most and would only weight about 66kg at the most as well. I discovered today that 1. Kiara is much stronger than she looks. 2. Kiara is in fact an American Red Cross Nurse who was originally going to work as a ER nurse. She cannot though due to medical reasons. 3. Kiara can get rid if major headaches just by touching certain parts of your head a certain way. Kiara also guided me to a more aware state of mind as well a few days ago too. Kiara is an amazing woman and a wonderful friend. Definitely a life long friend regardless if I get married or not.