Amelia goes mafia and is here to update you briefly.

Amelia here. So Tim has this strangely addictive app game on his iPhone called Underworld Empire. It seems like a game all about criminal gangs that fight against each other online in large groups called empires. I think that is their version of a guild. I was playing it just before and this guy called Bullet starts chatting me up. So we exchange harmless kinky messages and then after a while he says I want to see a picture of you. Being the honest alien that I am I tell him directly what I am. Surprisingly he finds that interesting and still wants to see what I look like. It’s a bit hard to do that when I am only halfway into the physical world and I have no physical body for him to see me with. So that was a weird experience I had with him. Now for some updates on what has been happening. Remember Velina well turns out she was being manipulated by a type of symbiotic parasite of the energy variety. Kiara figured that out and was able to separate it from Velina. Without that parasite controlling her she is like a completely different person. She is extremely quiet and shy now. Alicia is still here as always. The naughty and lewd things she suggests to me is so outrageous. For example she wants to be included in my extra curricular nightly activities with Tim. Call me a prude but I just can’t do that. It feels weird and wrong to me. Cuddling and kissing I will allow but anything further than that, that involves having people additional to Tim and me feels wrong to me. Exalla wants to watch black butler. She saw it earlier today in one of Tim’s emails. Anime is not really my thing but I will watch Black Butler with Tim and Exalla probably tomorrow. Ellorhim is also still around but we rarely see her these days. Well Tim’s body is very tired so I think I will leave it now so he can rest it with some good sleep. Take care everyone. See you soon.


8 thoughts on “Amelia goes mafia and is here to update you briefly.

  1. I feel bad for Velina 😦 It feels like she went all emo mode. Try cheering her up!
    Like I said in other post, finding her a boyfriend might be a good option too 😀 but I dunno, I wish I knew more how she feels, perhaps let her make a vent post?

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