Someone on Omegle knew me from here :O

Amelia here. So I was just bored and decided to go on Omegle. After being on there for hours freaking people out because I am an alien I come across a person who mentions this blog and knows me. Then Omegle being evil decides to disconnect me. That made me sad. oh well It was a nice surprise.


Nearly 1 month later with Velina as your blog host

Hello it’s um Velina here. I am not really too sure about this blogging business but I wanted to try to help improve how shy I am. I don’t really know what to do with myself now. For so long I was being controlled and manipulated by that weird energy parasite. It made me look and seem like such q horrible person for so long. So many beings are so wary of me still thinking that I am pretending to be shy and introverted now. I can’t seem to convince them that this is the real me now. So for the last month I have spent most of my time at Tim’s place with Amelia, Alicia, Exalla and Ellorhim when she decides to visit. I feel like the 5th wheel though. The odd one out. I just usually sit, listen and watch them silently while they chat away. I did snuggle with Tim last night which was really nice. *blushes* Amelia did seem to be a bit upset about that today though which I thought was strange as all we did was cuddle pretty much. I don’t understand Amelia’s behaviour towards me. She keeps giving me these weird looks when I am near Tim. Alicia is way more flirty and naughty with Tim. she did not react to that. I just don’t understand… Maybe Amelia doesn’t trust me either and thinks I am Pretending to be like this? I don’t know what is wrong with me or why I keep upsetting people. I am really trying hard to say the right things and be really nice to everyone but is that enough? What more can I do? I tried talking to Amelia but she does not seem at all comfortable talking to me. She keeps excusing her self when we try to talk or she is too busy. Maybe she is? Maybe I am reading into everything too much. Even so I am not certain of anything anymore. I feel like such a screw up. i am so negative too ugh I hate being like this all sad and depressed. Tim just said he will hold and snuggle me again all night. *blushes again* I hope Amelia won’t hate me tomorrow.