Two Months Later and Amelia’s Birthday Month

It is Amelia again I am sorry that I have not made a blog post in such a long time but there really was not anything really noteworthy or interesting to report or tell you all. It is however my birthday this Month. I have decided also that I prefer to have a birthday month instead of just one day. After this month has passed I will be 20,258 years old. My work has been pretty quiet lately. Not many energy rights issues to resolve thankfully. Those can take literally weeks of your time to get through. Tim has not been sleeping well at all lately and sometimes it gets so bad he begs me to use my energy to put him to sleep. I do not like doing that though. It’s like performing a force shutdown on his brain. That cannot be good for him. There is one strange thing that has happened lately. A dark shadowy entity keeps appearing in the bedroom. It does not seem to have sinister intentions but at the same time it does give me a somewhat uneasy feeling. So I am uncertain of it’s true nature so far. If I learn more I will post more information about it in a future blog posting. Well going to put Tim to sleep again now as gently as I can. Goodnight or good day if you are in the northern hemisphere. I will try and post again soon.