Amelia looks a bit like this

If anyone was wondering what Amelia looks like well I uploaded a photo that she thinks looks a bit like her. I don’t think I will ever find a photo that looks a lot like her as she looks very exotic and unique. I will now let Amelia take over now from this point. 

Hello everyone It’s been ages since I posted. Sorry about that but there still has not been anything major happening here at the moment. Just business as usual I guess. The relationship between Tim and I is still going strong. Now about this photo. I actually approved of it being posted as I felt the woman looks somewhat like me. I feel like a bit rude in saying this but I think I am honestly even better looking than the woman in the photo. I don’t say things like that very often but I wanted to be honest. I also wanted to say that I have a very rough translation of the name of my race now. That name being “Erevei” Prounced Era-vay.    I think this also the original name of my race that was used back before we ascended to our current form. Back when we were similar in appearence and functions to you humans. So Tim  needs to get up in a few hours so I will let him get some sleep now. Take care everyone see you soon.