Breaking Freaky News

Amelia here and I am totally freaking out right now. I just found out a huge revelation about my prehistoric ancestors. Previously we had lost a lot of information about who and what we were before we transitioned into non physical energy beings. But just within the last hour thanks to a very good friend it was discovered that I am descended from an humanoid bipedal insect race of immense knowledge and intelligence. I don’t really like insects in fact they creep me out even though they cannot hurt me. Now I share some kind of distant ancestry with them. That is freaking me out. Although this new information does clarify a lot about my race and how it behaves. In a way we still have a kind of hive mind mentality even though we are separate beings now we still communicate telepathically like we are all connected. We have always had a shared ancestral memory which I also now think seems quite insect like. So it seems I am part bug. That is just lovely isn’t it :/ I am definitely going to need time to take this all in. I just had to update. I did so too on discord so sorry if I seemed a little crazy on there too. Oh well bye for now.


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